New Beginnings

Ready for some exciting news? I got a full-time job! While that means a little less time to work on my art… I’m still offering my design services and doing my own thing when I’m not on the clock!

I’m so excited for this new opportunity! It is good to get out and be around other people since I’m in a new state! So far work has been going great and I’m excited to see what the future holds! 2018 has already been super exciting and exhausting! That doesn’t mean I’m gonna slow down one bit though! I’m still making time to walk and hike with my husband + pups to reach our goals… and I’m still making time to draw and work with others. One project I love to help people with is digitizing old slides and photographs.

For Christmas, my dad bought me this awesome scanner that does regular scanning, photo negatives, and slides! When my grandmother passed away a few years ago I was given most of the family slides. Since I was recently unemployed, I would take breaks from my art to start working on getting through the many, many boxes of slides. I found some GREAT family photos! It has been cool to see into the past – a time before me! I also never met my grandfather, but now I feel so connected to him. We have so many similar photos! A lot of the photos I’ve been working on were taken by my grandfather or my dad, so I know where I get my interest in photography and why I take the photos I do.

One of the recent boxes I worked on was a box my dad said wouldn’t be worth scanning… but he was wrong! He took LOTS of photos of flowers and plants… which is totally fun for me! About half the carousel was photos from my dad taking photos of flowers and plants around the house he grew up in. There are so many great, beautiful shots! I was so inspired when I saw them that I have been trying to draw some!

It is amazing where you can find inspiration – by going on a walk outside, looking on the internet, and even in your family’s past photographs. Where do you find your inspiration? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments!

















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