A Little Background

Hi! My name is Rebecca Maguire and I am a graphic designer with a background in marketing and communications. I am a determined and creative individual who loves color, pattern, logic, animals, and so  much more! With an assortment of interests and a vast knowledge of many subjects, I have the capabilities to work in many different areas and work on a variety of projects. I particularly love to work with small businesses and individuals on projects to help them grow and reach their goals.

I grew up involved in yearbook, which is where I developed my love of design. I loved the logic of putting together a yearbook – it is like a large puzzle. Every year I loved coming up with a new theme and unique ways to express the theme on each page. During college I also worked in the publications office creating brochures and fliers for school events. I loved creating beautiful things that had a purpose.

After graduating from graduate school I didn’t want to stop learning. I wanted to follow my passion and do something I loved. I began to do more design and I enrolled in online graphic design classes. I love learning more, experimenting, and creating every day! My portfolio has been growing and I can’t wait to create more!

My Design Philosophy & Process 

While the things I create should be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they must serve a purpose. The end product needs to be on trend, speak to the intended market, excite a bride, or impress a business owner. I must find a way to marry beauty and purpose for my designs.

My inspiration comes from everything, literally. My brain never shuts off. I have ideas come to me in my dreams at night and during my daydreams. I find a lot of inspiration through nature. I find inspiration (and motivation) from online, through my amazing community of artists and friends. I find inspiration from just relaxing at home with my husband and two crazy dogs. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be willing to take it in and use it.

When it comes time to start creating, I tend to take a lot of photos. Then head towards my sketchbook. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I might skip my sketchbook and grab one piece of computer paper to start doodling. With my pencil in hand, I begin to draw whatever has me inspired. Once I’m done I’ll move on to pen or the computer. From there I have various ways of tracing – literally tracing with pen, tracing an image of drawing with my tablet, using Adobe Capture, etc. Once I get the image on the computer I mainly work in Adobe Illustrator to finalize my work, which can take hours – or days!

There are other variations of my process – instead of pencil, sometimes I use paint and a scanner. It just depends on my mood and how messy I want to get. Usually I like to warm up with pencil and paper though.

Working With Me

If you are looking for a highly motivated worker to help you with your graphic design or marketing needs please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love for you to check out my site to see my work and to learn more about me.

I offer my design services to anyone who needs them – the small business owner about to embark on their first craft fair needing business cards, signs and other marketing materials – or a bride needing invitations for her big day! I have done a variety of projects, so just ask if you have any ideas or questions!

I also offer my artwork on a variety of products in my different shops. Do you quilt? Check out my Spoonflower shop and order some cute and unique fabric! Want a fun phone case? Check out my RedBubble shop. There are a variety of products in my shops, so check them out!

If you are interesting in having me do a commission piece for you, or licensing one of my designs, please contact me!