Its All About the Floral

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Almost 2 months in our new home! It has been a busy month+ with lots of walking, hiking, and adventuring. We’ve been to Mesa Verde and hiked a huge 12,000’+ mountain. We’ve explored our area, tried a local brewery. The weather here has been fantastic… it is just now starting to turn “cold” and fall is in the air. I’m excited to experience fall in Colorful Colorado!

So between our hiking and exploring I’ve been applying to jobs. Nothing so far, which is a humbling and tough experience. I’m keeping at it. While I’m home searching for jobs, I have also been working on my art. I’ve been trying to do a variety of things… patterns, illustrations, add to my shops, but I keep coming back to my flowers. I have a long list of flowers I want to draw and illustrate. I have found a style I really like and it is fun to explore the possibilities.

Well, that is just about all I have going on here! We have friends coming to town, so I’m excited about showing them around and just spending time catching up.


Check out some of the florals I’ve been working on:



Don’t forget, you can get a free printable here!

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