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So, I made it… I’m officially in Colorado. While my license might not say Colorado yet, I’m not turning back. We made it to my dad’s house in Southern Colorado on July 2nd. It has been a CRAZY month!

Quickly after we arrived at my dad’s Sean was heading out to Denver to start his “new” job. I stayed behind at my dad’s with the dogs to help with the Cuchara Valley Recreation Program and do various jobs around the valley. I’ve been so busy, but at the beginning of July I went up to Denver a few times and we found a new home! We will be moving in NEXT week!!

I’ve  been so busy that I haven’t been creating or posting much. Other than being busy, I also broke my phone on the 4th of July, meaning I lost a few photos, all my contacts, etc. I wasn’t able to get a new phone until a few days later and I just bought a cheap “Go Phone” so it has a horrible camera, moves slow, and won’t hold a lot of apps. Also, when I’m at my dad’s the internet is SO slow! When I’m in Denver I am using an old laptop that is also extremely slow! I’m just ready to get back into a routine, get back into my own space, and create!

What do you do when you feel like your creating is paused? I’ve been trying to keep sketching and stay inspired, but it can be hard. I’ve been watching some more online classes and also trying to relax, because this might be my only “vacation” for a while.

I will say, I am surrounded my GORGEOUS scenery and beautiful flowers, so I have lots of flowers I want to draw and things I want to do… but I just need to get in the right state of mind! Here are a few things I’ve created while I’ve been here:


Some photos from my time in Colorado so far!

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