Counting Down + M3 Recap

The countdown is on! Our house is officially sold, keys have been handed over to the new owners, and we are spending our last few days in Georgia! I am getting nervous, but also excited! It really started to hit me when we went to Colorado for a quick vacation last weekend and I realized we’d be out there indefinitely soon! We are still searching for a place to live and I still need a job, but it will all come, I just don’t want to rush things.

The good news though, in the middle of all the packing and moving, I managed to get caught up on my Make It In Design lessons! I have not completed all the creative exercises, but I’m working on prioritizing some of the tasks assigned to us – especially focusing on some of the live briefs. This module for MIID was jam-packed with information! I still don’t feel like I have taken it all in and I have been going back almost daily referencing items. If you are looking for more information about the business side of creating, I highly recommend MIID Module 3.

So, I’ve put my 100 word project on hold for now – I’m honestly not sure if I’ll return to it. I HATE quitting something, but I did not just let go easily. With class, moving, and diving into floral drawings, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my branding, my overall aesthetic on Instagram, etc. and I just wasn’t feeling the word project was helming me grow. I don’t think someone should hold on to something they feel is dragging them down, or setting them back. If you can peacefully walk away knowing you honestly gave it your all, that is what matters. One day I’ll either come back and finish or start over in a new, better direction! Until then, I’m going to keep working on growing in the direction I feel is best!

Also! Other exciting news, I’ve picked up two freelance jobs in recent days. They are pretty simple, but fun projects with great people I know. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about them soon! Until then, keep following me on Instagram for daily posts and updates!

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