Home is…

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So, I made it… I’m officially in Colorado. While my license might not say Colorado yet, I’m not turning back. We made it to my dad’s house in Southern Colorado on July 2nd. It has been a CRAZY month! Quickly … Continued


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I’m back, with my promised update of what has been going on and keeping me busy! Besides Module 3 with Make It In Design, I have been busy with selling my house! My husband and I decided right before class started … Continued

Busy Bee

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Okay people! Lots of exciting things are happening around here at Rebecca Leigh Designs! (Hint: this is why there have been few website updates and no blog posts!) I’m going to try and give you a quick update, but some … Continued

ABSPD M2 Recap

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I’ve been extremely busy lately! So much has been happening in my life, creatively and personally. First, the unrelated stuff – In my last blog I mentioned that my husband and I are working towards a big hike in June. … Continued

100 Words

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Hi everyone! I’ve been staying busy since my last blog post with the holidays and trying to stick with my creative stride. After the 100 day project wrapped up I was really struggling to stay focused and work everyday. Well, … Continued