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I’m back, with my promised update of what has been going on and keeping me busy! Besides Module 3 with Make It In Design, I have been busy with selling my house! My husband and I decided right before class started (bad timing!) that we wanted to go on an adventure! We decided to move! So here we are, 5 weeks later… our house is under contract (it only took SIX days), and we  have a pod from PackRat sitting outside our house ready to be packed!

We had to pack majority of our belongings prior to listing our house, so our garage is full of boxes and some of furniture. Now we will be packing up the rest of our belonging and handing over the keys in just a matter of weeks. Then we move out to Colorado! Say what!? This is a huge deal for me for SO many reasons! Let me explain…

Besides college and graduate school I’ve never lived outside of metro Atlanta. Where we currently live is OTP (as the suburbanites call it) and I was NOT thrilled with living here. I grew up ITP, or as I knew it… Decatur (where everything is greater!) When we bought our house only a few years ago it took my husband probably a month to convince me to branch outside my comfort zone and look for something OTP. But I did it. We moved just slightly outside. We bought our first home in a growing area and it has been a great starter home. We knew it wasn’t our forever home, but I wasn’t ready for this. Not giving up my first HUGE purchase to move WAY OTP! 😂

So here we go, embarking on an adventure. Just our little family – Sean and I + two nervous pups! But, I know I need to do this. It will be great for me to branch out, experience something new and it will give me the opportunity to really evaluate what I want to do with my career! I hope to keep posting more about moving across country, my growing design business, and just life in general. I hope you’ll follow along!

Oh – if you are wondering, WHY COLORADO? I grew up spending my summers in southern Colorado with my family. Every time we go out to Colorado we don’t want to come back. We go to a small town in southern Colorado, so we will be about 4 hours north, but now we have had plenty of family make their way to various parts of Colorado, so we at least have family! We also love hiking and just being outdoors, so it seemed to fit our lifestyle. Follow our hiking adventure here.


“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.” – Sue Fitzmaurice

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