ABSPD M2 Recap

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I’ve been extremely busy lately! So much has been happening in my life, creatively and personally.

First, the unrelated stuff – In my last blog I mentioned that my husband and I are working towards a big hike in June. Well, we have been doing SO well in our prep. We have hiked EVERY weekend in 2017, usually a hike on Saturday and a hike on Sunday. We also have walked almost every night, only missing nights due to bad weather (we do an indoor workout) or someone is sick. We have hit some all-time mile highs (16 miles – which we were unprepared for!) and we have done some strenuous hikes, such as the Arkaquah Trail to the highest point in Georgia! I’m so proud of us! We’ve even started a separate blog to keep track of our journey and to do a project together. Check it out: www.maguiresonthetrail.com 


Now back to the design stuff! I have still been working to develop my design skills, so I’ve been taking classes and working almost every day on drawing and doing something creative. I’m still working on my 100 words. I decided a while ago not to push through the 100 words and finish them in 100 days. I felt I was pushing myself and not doing my best work. I had too much going on with classes, life, and work, so I needed to figure out how best to handle my time while still doing my best work. It has definitely helped.

I have of course been taking lots of Skillshare classes, as well as some tutorials with Teela with Every Tuesday, as well as other various classes, but my main focus these past few weeks has been The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design/Make It In Design‘s Module 2. I am just now wrapping up reading all the assignments and figuring out what I’d like to submit for our final submissions. I’m thinking I will submit part of my Lepresean collection I created during the class for St. Patrick’s day.


I learned a lot in class, it is a lot of information to take in and I’m still trying to practice all the new things I’ve learned. I think I’m most excited about trying to make a pattern in Photoshop the way Rachael Taylor explained. It is a different process than what I had learned in the past, so I’ll have to take some time to try it out. I knew a lot of the marketing and branding information because that is the industry I work in, but it is great to hear more about it when it comes to marketing for a graphic design career. Overall, the class and the community are just great and I’m glad I had this experience and I can’t wait to be starting Module 3 later this month!


Here is a mockup project from class:

(c)2014 The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design

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