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Hi everyone! I’ve been staying busy since my last blog post with the holidays and trying to stick with my creative stride. After the 100 day project wrapped up I was really struggling to stay focused and work everyday. Well, honestly, I was probably working everyday on SOMETHING, but I was struggling to finish things. I started working on the Christmas Art Countdown, but for some reason I just stalled. I had ideas, sketches, but nothing was getting done. I was really struggling because I entered in a couple contests and I found out I didn’t make it very far in either. That was a disappointment to my creative side. Then I took time for myself, I got my first ever massage, I was determined to start fresh, focus on me and do what made me happy… and then less than 24 hours later I had someone at work say something completely rude to me. That week was really hard personally. BUT — I’m not complaining… I live a great life. I have a wonderful husband, we have two silly pups, and we are doing just fine. But sometimes I struggle.

So for 2017 I am determined to do great things. I am not big on new years resolutions. I just tend to forget them after a week. So right after Christmas my husband and I started planning for a BIG hike we are doing in June. Which will REQUIRE us to workout, hike, eat healthy, etc. That was one big thing I wanted to do this year – get in shape and conquer the hike! Also, I want to work harder with my business and develop my skills. So, for this I have my classes I’ll be taking – Winter School + Modules 2 & 3 with Make It In Design. I also decided I needed another project to get back on track, creatively… so on January 2nd I started my #RLD100word project!

This project is going to be 100 little words to live by – it has been a trend the past few years to pick a word to focus on and use to as motivation everday. I used this method one year, but this year I picked a list of 100 words I want to present to inspire and motivate myself as well as those around me.

Let’s make 2017 about supporting, respecting, and loving everyone around us. You got this! Follow along on Instagram with #RLD100words

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